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Technical Equipment

Furling Gear / Rigging Wires / Ropes and Cordage / Sheets, Halyards and Mooring Lines

We sell and assemble ADMIRAL, Selden FURLEX, FACNOR, PROFURL, BARTELS and HARKEN furling gear. Our wire rolling machine is designed for up to 14mm V4A 1x19 wire; we make larger diameters with a supplier to the shipping industry. Our rope portfolio includes ropes made by LIROS, GLEISTEIN, FSB Robline and LANCELIN. We splice laid and braided ropes and supply ready-made pairs of sheets with rope shackles or stainless-steel shackles to order.

Please send us a message with your requirements. 

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Starfurl – Premium In-Boom Furling from Italy

At last we have found an in-boom furling system that comes at an attractive price and is both functional and good-looking!

  • STARFUL - Premium rolling beam system from Italy / Milan
  • Boom made of composite GRP with carbon inlays
  • Extremely torsion-resistant and light
  • High quality fittings in V4A and aluminium
  • Including mast track in aluminium, feeding ramp in GRP and endless reefing line 10mm

If you are interested, please contact us, telling us what type of boat you have and where it is currently lying. 

We will make a complete offer including assembly and new, furling mainsail. 

Price examples:

Length of boat 34 to 37 feet, furling boom 6,975 € plus freight and assembly

Length of boat 38 to 41 feet, furling boom 9,400 € plus freight and assembly

Length of boat 42 to 45 feet, furling boom 12,750 € plus freight and assembly

And here you can see how the new boom is made and fitted.


Yacht Fittings

We are listed with all major water sports suppliers and can supply you with spare parts and equipment from all areas of yacht hardware and fittings quickly and cost-effectively. 

We are partners of Lindemann KG, Herman Gotthardt GmbH, WATSKI, Lankhorst & Hohorst, PLASTIMO, Allpa, Pfeiffer Marine, OSCULATI, SEILFLECHTER, AWN, Marinetech, Nordwestfunk, Mörer, Steruetex GmbH, Giovanardi GmbH, HÖPKE Stoffverlag, POLIPLAST, VDB and many more.

Please send us a message with a list of your desired equipment.

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SVEGGEN – The new Gennaker / Code Zero Furling Systems from France

We are pleased to present and distribute the new furling systems for all free-flying light-wind sails.

The Rolly Tasker Group has been accompanying the development of these new and interestingly priced furling systems for quite some time – watch this space for further models and new products from SVEGGEN.

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HABITENT – The versatile Cockpit Tent

The HABITENT - the universal and inexpensive cockpit tent. The HABITENT offers affordable extra living space and comfort on board, plus a high degree of flexibility: Three standard models in different sizes fit on virtually any sailing yacht (with or without sprayhood). Straps with buckles make installation easy. The HABITENT is made of high-quality HABITEX tent material. It is water-repellent, fire-retardant, colour-proof and UV-resistant.

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DUTCHMAN / Sail Handling System

Dutchman - the mainsail stowing system without a bag. Thin nylon cords fold even large sails safely onto the main boom and ensure easy and safe sail handling.

Ideal for the small crew or regatta-ambitious sailors who don't want to carry a lazybag. Folds the mainsail safely onto the boom - can be used up to a boom length of 7 metres.

We take care of the dimensioning of the system and the modification of your mainsail. We are also happy to come on board and install the Dutchman to your existing boom topping lift. Often, we also deliver a new section of the topping lift - then the system can be easily and quickly installed by yourself and can be dismantled just as quickly in case of repair.

Feel free to send us a message - we will help you choose the right system.

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Sailtrack and slide system by Tides Marine: The sailtrack-system for masts from aluminium, carbon, composite or wood. 

A simple and very effective slide system by Tides Marine, USA. 

The Strong® Sail Track & Slide System consists of a plastic track and sliders for the luff of mainsails. The track and sliders have a particularly low frictional resistance and were specially developed for battened sails. In addition, the components were designed with a particularly low weight. This makes setting and taking down of sails easy. Due to the minimised overall height, a very small stacking height has been achieved, which will be a joy for many sailors when folding the mainsail!

Track made of UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight low-pressure polyethylene). The material has a lower coefficient of friction, is impact-resistant, low-wear and resistant to salt water and UV. The tracks are available in lengths of up to 20 metres and can be installed from deck level.

The price of the Sail Track & Slide System depends on the length of the track. For an approximately twelve-metre-long mast, the complete track system including slides will cost approximately 1,750 euros (€ 145 per metre of mast length) if you install it yourself.

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PSI AIRCOVER – The clever headsail cover

How does the PSI Aircover work?

Fit the tarpaulin around the rolled-up headsail like a normal headsail cover, close the zip and pull the tarpaulin up. Then pump air into the tarpaulin. This can be done manually or electrically - the decision is yours! In no time at all, your headsail is well packed and perfectly protected against wind and weather. "The first simple furling jib cover". No flapping in storms, no damage to the sail or cover from chafe, secure cover for long luff lengths.

Why a PSI Aircover?

  • The outer cover is made from premium Masacril UV tarpaulin cloth.
  • MASACRIL provides a fully protective cover against UV, dirt and weather.
  • The inside of the cover is made of particularly smooth spinnaker cloth.
  • The production of the cover is carried out in our sailmaker's workshop.
  • The cover can be made in more than 20 colours.
  • The cover has a built-in air chamber hose.
  • At the bottom end of the cover is a valve to which a pump can be attached to inflate the tarpaulin.
  • The air can be pumped by electric, foot or hand pump.
  • The tarpaulin has a YKK zip system.

These are the advantages

  • Quick and easy to hoist and lower
  • No cross lacing, shackles or eyelets
  • No rattling and flapping in the wind
  • Excellent protection of the headsail and rigging
  • Available in more than 20 colours
  • Three-year warranty on the tarpaulin and air bag
  • Reasonable delivery costs
  • Produced in Germany
  • Excellent service

To order PSI Aircover - Do you need more information about ordering an aircover? Please contact us.

LE TONKINOIS – The French Marine Oil

We distribute all products from the extensive Le Tonkinois portfolio and always have sufficient quantities in stock. You will find the following oils and impregnations in our shop: Le Tonkinois Marine Oil, Marine No. 1, Parquet Varnish, Bio Impression and others.

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